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तन्मना भोजनगतः चित्तः।
'Tanmana Bhojangatah Chittah'
Eating with reverence. 

Services : 

Sit Down Menu

Take Away



An explosion of flavours in your mouth : 

Chaat is a range of street food in India. Is a symphony of unique taste and flavours. 
Chaat comes from the word "Chaatna" which means licking your fingers.
Base for chaat is mostly crispy, topped with vegetables and chutneys, dusted on with some masalas. 
A mixture of sweet, soft, crunchy, tangy *smacks tongue*

Fresh Empanada

About Me : 

Namaste! My name is Neha Jain. Born and raised in Assam, Northeast, India.

I have a background in arts. An Indian Classical Dancer who love creating doodles in a spontaneous burst of ideas.  Also a practitioner of yoga and meditation and a  food enthusiast. 
I like to experiment with different ingredients, create a unique taste around the Indian food.
Very keen on travelling since food is the closest thing in understanding different 

Meditation by the Sea

About Saah Paat : 
Saah Paat is Assamese for Tea Leaf. 
Assam is considered as the world's largest tea growing regions. Assam Tea is known for its rich, malty flavour and deep aroma.

At Saah Paat Indian Streetfood is served. Just like homemade food that is made fresh, free from preservatives. In India, every state has their own spin to the dishes. Because of such a wide variety of masalas (spices) it becomes impossible to run out of flavours and textures. Saah Paat is here to recreate the street food experience  of India in The Netherlands. Namaste :)

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Herbs and Spices

Answers to some FAQ : 
- Saah Paat is vegetarian. 
Some of the dishes are accidentally vegan or can be made vegan on request.
- No eggs, fish or meat. 
- All the diet requirements can be fulfilled with vegetarian food. 
- While handling food and take away all the measures for Coronavirus are practiced.

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